“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.”
(Stephen King)


20 Hours

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TEFL Certificate - On Demand

Tefl in Florence

Course Description

10 Great Reasons to sign up for the Weekend TEFL course:

Earn a TEFL certificate (20 hours) 

• Learn more about English language teaching 

• Engage in teaching presentation practice (observation and feedback) 

• Improve English language teaching skills 

• Gain access to authentic materials and resources

• Meet a highly qualified teacher trainer and already practicing teachers

• Receive valuable advice on teaching English in Italy and in other countries

• Pay an affordable price for excellent training

• No prior teaching experience or other qualifications are necessary 

• Join us in a convenient downtown Florence, Italy location

In just one weekend learn how to prepare lessons, create interactive and engaging activities, manage your classroom, and develop tasks based on your students' proficiency levels and the four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). You'll also learn more about the teaching of English grammar tenses and gain an understanding of what life in the classroom is really like for language learners. 

If you are considering teaching English or you'd like to pursue professional development and improve your existing skills in language teaching, the 20-hour Weekend TEFL in Florence is the best course option for you!

Contact us for details and/or download the 3-day course schedule. This course is offered in collaboration with the Europass Teacher Academy in Florence, Italy where the course is held. Complete and submit your online registration by enrolling directly on the Europass Weekend TEFL registration form.


Our Program

Weekend TEFL course location: 

Europass Teacher Academy 

Via Sant' Egidio, 12 - 50122 Florence, Italy

Tel. +39 347 378 8169

Tel. +39 055 247 9995

Accommodation is not provided and/or included in the course fees; however, a list of preferred accommodations near the course location can be given. 



Course Dates

From: 15 December 2023
to: 17 December 2023

Course Reviews



"Again, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the TEFL weekend course! After several positive stories I had high expectations, but the final result was beyond my expectations and mind-blowing! Even though I already teach, I learned many new things and saw different techniques during the course, furthermore the comparison with other people from different parts of the world was wonderful. Sheila explained everything to us and provided a lot of material by creating a portfolio, she showed us examples of everything she explained to us, made us do individual, couple and group exercises. Personally I loved every moment of the course, I would suggest anyone to take a course with Sheila because she is formidable, she puts you at ease in times when you are in difficulty and in case of doubt she explains again and leaves no one behind. I sincerely hope to be able to take other courses with her because I had a great time and thanks to her I started to see many things from other aspects and I immediately had an interesting job offer. Thanks again for everything, you've been great and the course we did was fantastic😀😉.  Thank you so much Sheila!"



"Thank you so much Sheila for this wonderful TEFL course. As I told you, this was very important for me.I was able to review many important topics in language teaching that I needed to update and I learned a lot of new things. Sharing all this together with a very nice group. At the same time, I needed the certificate as it's very important to get a job as an English teacher here in Italy and in many countries.I hope this is not the last time we meet. Thank you very much again for everything, you are a great teacher and very nice, I felt very comfortable."



"The Weekend TEFL that I have just completed was an excellent opportunity to learn new and very useful things about language and methodology, try it ourselves, meet new people, all in charming environment of Florence. Sheila is a wonderful teacher, she got us fully involved for all the time, all the course was very informative, very enjoyable, and gave us a lot of ideas we can use in our own teaching. Thank you very much!



"I wanted to thank you once again for this course. I'm really grateful for this opportunity as it helped me to grow professionally as a teacher and as a person as well. Not only did you provide us with several resources of all kinds, but you were also able to show us how engaging and fun a lesson can be through your example. I had heard a lot of enthusiastic feedback about this course, but it still went beyond my expectations." 



"I've been a language tutor for years, but I have always lacked strategy and techniques to teach efficiently. Sheila transformed me from an inexperienced novice to a skilled teacher; thanks to her guidance and advice I am now aware of the impact that my decisions have on my lessons and on my students' learning process."



"I expected to learn about teaching English, and how to better address my students’ needs, but I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself as well.  We don’t know how much we can be capable of until we put ourselves out there and Sheila certainly understands how to do that for her students. It was a great experience, eye-opening and definitely useful." 



'During the weekend TEFL course, I learnt so much about teaching which has boosted my confidence. Sheila is an attentive and enthusiastic course leader which made it all the better!'



"The TEFL course of Dr Corwin was an intense and inspiring experience: Sheila is an extremely prepared, professional and engaging teacher that can provide you with the right teaching tools, strategies and motivation to approach your English language classes. The course is a very good opportunity for professionals already operating in the field of English Language Teaching, and for aspiring teachers as well. Sheila's classes focus not only on theoretical knowledge about language teaching, but also on numerous practical tips and techniques related to classroom management and content organization. In addition, the course is a perfect occasion to meet colleagues with different backgrounds to exchange ideas and personal experiences about English Language Teaching and to grow personally and professionally."



"Sheila was an engaging and enthusiastic teacher and throughout the whole weekend she taught us how to be good TEFL teachers by demonstrating good practice herself. I also particularly liked that the course has an emphasis on how to find work as a TEFL teacher and how to form a portfolio to bring to a job interview as this will be extremely useful later on when trying to find a job in this extremely competitive field. I am already looking forward to the Advanced TEFL Weekend!"



"The course was amazing and I really appreciated your teaching method. At first I was a bit scared because I didn’t know what to expect and I was scared of being not good enough to attend the course.

Without a doubt I will recommend the course to all my friends! Thank you again, hopefully we will meet again in the future! Take care!"



"Packed with lots of information and guidance to help us on our way, the weekend TEFL course was both fun and enjoyable. Thank you Sheila!"



“I cannot recommend Sheila or the weekend TEFL course enough! We got through so much over the three days yet at no point did I feel like I was being rushed or anything was stressful. It was a joy to be taught by Sheila who's enthusiasm and teaching experience was clear to see. I loved how Sheila gave us a lot of time to develop our own opinions and work in groups rather than everything being taught in a teacher-led / lecture style. I also enjoyed the use of multi-media throughout the course; we used magazines, film trailers and teacher-training videos to name a few. There was a lot of variety. We also had several opportunities to present to the class. I now feel well prepared to step into a classroom and teach English to both children and adults. Thank you Sheila for such a fun and enlightening weekend!” 

Alison (Ali)


"THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEILA. I really appreciate what you have done with the course this weekend! I was very nervous and fearful from past childhood schooling and you made it super fun, exciting, amazing and boosted my confidence in myself. I can not thank you enough! I feel I have the tools to start a new chapter in my life. You are one very special lady! Hope to see you soon for the advanced course! Big hugs!"



"The weekend TEFL course with Europass was very informative and enjoyable as well!!  It is very evident that Sheila has lots of experience in her field and loves what she does. Her enthusiasm and knowledge guarantee the success of her students in this course, and all of the resources provided are helpful too!! Thanks for EVERYTHING Sheila! It was truly a great experience taking your class and meeting you!! You are amazing and inspiring, and I wish you all the best."



"I would like to thank you for the Weekend TEFL course. It has been an amazing experience. First of all thank you for your help and support. You have been a great instructor and I was amazed by your ability of keeping our interest up during the whole course no matter what was the time, how tired we were or how long we had already been in the class. I loved every minute of the course and every challenge.Thank you!"



"Hi Sheila, you’re an amazing teacher, it was intensive but really satisfying. A presto!"



"First of all, I would like to thank you for the course and for your support in understanding me. It was the best experience I have ever had! I improved myself a lot and was made to feel very comfortable."




"I hope it's not too late to thank your for the AMAZING course you gave us.  I can't THANK YOU enough. Teachers inspire and that's exactly what you did! Thanks again!"



"It was  great meeting you and the other TEFL-ers. It was a fantastic adventure and such an exciting experience for me attending this weekend course.  I am sure it will be useful for my current and future job. Sheila, You are a fabulous and professional trainer --nothing like I have ever seen before!  I hope to see you again soon!"



"Thank you so much for the course and the lovely conversations! I miss it so much and wish I was still there.  I had a fantastic time on the course, I learned so much and enjoyed every minute. I thoroughly recommend this course, it is very informative and great for building your confidence. Thanks again!"



"Sheila, your course was definitely worth it! Intense, yet time has flown (as it always does when you’re having fun)! You have been able to keep the interest always alive and, above all, I had never known a teacher who put students so in first place. At the beginning I thought I wasn't suitable because I'm not a native speaker. Instead, you always put me (and all of us) at ease and I am surprised at all the compliments I received from you and the other students. I felt very valued. This course has confirmed my willingness to become a teacher. You gave me so many ideas and I can't wait to put them into practice."



“I took the Weekend TEFL course in Jan, 2020, and it turned out to be one of the most valuable and engaging courses I’ve ever taken. Both the course and the teacher lived up to my expectations: it’s amazing the things you can learn over a weekend! Sheila is such a patient and generous trainer, always helpful and ready to give you the support you need. At the beginning, I remember being quite reluctant at the idea of putting myself to the test. I’ve been teaching English for many years now and I hadn’t walked in student shoes for a long time. Well, it was so worth it! It definitely boosted my confidence and enhanced my sensitivity as a teacher. Not to mention the very nice people I had the chance to meet and work with. I cannot but recommend the course!”



"The course was intense but great! I feel like I have learnt a lot in those 20 hours and I am now more confident to start a career in teaching English! Sheila is loads of fun and knows how to put you at ease! Lots of activities so you’re not bored but learning by doing! Just perfect! Thanks again for everything!"



"It’s been a wonderful experience, one of those experiences you won’t easily forget. If I should describe this course using only 2 words I’d say well structured, and dynamic. Time went by so fast and the course was over before I could realise it... I didn’t struggle to stay focused and that’s because you were able to address to all of us, even though we were all very different (age, interests, culture, and so forth...).This course has for sure increased my confidence, and knowledge of this field, I will be a better teacher thanks to this course. I can’t wait to put into practice all what I’ve learned!! Well done Sheila and thank you so much. Looking forward to attending another course maybe the advanced one, in the meantime wish you all the best."



"I would like to thank you so much for your commitment, dedication to the TEFL course and its participants, for the steady support and inspiration you ooze(d).  I was particularly impressed by your competence, and your massive, comprehensive experience. You taught me never to use a dismissive or less than encouraging tone, I sometimes overdo it with demands and expectations. As to written assignments, I am going to use your technique for grading only the structures already covered and reinforced. And last but not least, I'll follow your lead as to letting some pronunciation blunders pass; in short I'll do my best to remember to restrain my stickler nature 😁 I'd really like to meet you again soon for yet another refreshment course."



"Sheila, I cannot start to tell you how blessed and privileged I am to having met you and learnt from you. Second, thank you for sharing your skills with us, it was an amazing learning experience for me, specifically, you reminded me why I wanted to be a teacher in the first place.  I have no complaints or negative comments, the classes where all well taught and super engaging, the exchange was great and dynamic. Best of luck with everything and thank you for being one of the best teachers I have had."



"Sheila, I really need to thank you for your TEFL course! It has been amazing and very interesting. You are a great teacher and I felt free to express myself as if I were at home. I really appreciated all the materials you gave us and I think that presentations in front of the class were very useful! Thank you and take care!"

Anna Louise


"Sheila, I just wanted to thank you again for the great experience that I had participating on your TEFL course. I enjoyed every part of it because you made it interesting and fun with your ideas while teaching us how to become teachers like you. I really liked how you challenged us to create our own "lesson" because it gave me more self-confidence and it made me use my imagination. I will remember this experience forever and also all the lovely people that I met and that I am still in contact with. Can't wait to attend the week course very very soon!"



"The three-day-TEFL course in Florence run by Sheila Corwin was amazing: great organization from the very beginning up to the end.  The agenda was quite tough due to the avalanche of information received and exchanged. Nevertheless all slots of the agenda were fully respected with great satisfaction. The presentations students were asked to prepare and deliver were of extremely relevance because it was like "playing" the role of being a "real" teacher. Sheila is a great teacher, a wonderful woman that makes all people feel at home. She is able to take the best from you. Thank you again"

Anna Marie


"Sheila is an amazing person and a very professional teacher, I felt comfortable and I learned so much from her, she clearly explained the teaching methodology and how to deal with students. Thank you so much!"



“The weekend TEFL will enable your confidence, abilities and sensitivity as English teacher. An extraordinary evolution of yourself from a mere observant into an active protagonist on the scene”.



"Dear Teacher Sheila, First of all have to say that you are an amazing teacher. The course was really good and interesting. And the way you conduct that was really good. By doing the team activities, pair work and presentations, it really helped us to understand well and also to create a good relationship with other colleagues. I personally would like to follow your some teaching methods that I saw during these 3 days. Thank you!"



"During this intensive TEFL course I appreciated so much the high professional approach of my English language teacher trainer, Sheila Corwin. I was impressed by her ability to synthesize a huge amount of information in such a short period of time and to transfer her knowledge to us in a very efficient way.  Concerning myself,  I have been pushed into putting myself out there and I have many new ideas about my future plans thanks to Sheila's motivational tools.  I am so grateful to Sheila. Thank you so much !"



"Thank you for all your help, support and most of all...patience!  The course was much better than I expected because you are very engaging and manage to get everybody involved during the lesson. I must say that there never was a dull or boring moment and love the way you motivate your students. I will make sure I come visit you the next time I am in Florence. Thanks again!"



"Thank you for being an inspiration to all the students and sharing your teaching experiences with us. Seriously, you’re the best classroom style teacher I’ve worked with in a very long time. Our group was both interesting and honestly very cooperative! I’ve done a lot of group work for my MBA and it was so frustrating because I felt like I had to pull the weight in group activities. It was by far my least favorite part of my studies. But not in your class. Again, thank you for being an amazing instructor and giving so much of yourself and showing interest in each student’s personal situation. You’re a very special person and I hope to learn more from you in the future as you are an amazing role model."



"I need to thank you for making this experience unforgettable for me!  You were awesome. Really spontaneous and dynamic. We didn't stop for a second hahaha

And it was really worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 😊 😘"



"It was a pleasure to meet you in person and to be able to partake in the course over the weekend. I found the course very informative and helpful.I have learnt so much from you over the past three days. Thank you once again, for your patience, kindness and knowledge.  Hope to see you again in the near future."



"The Weekend TEFL course was an accelerated intensive and comprehensive course that couldn't get better than this. I'm glad I did it!"



"First of all, I really want to thank you for your training: it couldn't be better! I love your enthusiasm, your planning and methodology and your spontaneity as well: your are an example for me and, after the course, I realized how much I need to study and practice to become a good teacher!  What is amazing for me is seeing a person who love her job and how she does well! I will never forget it!"



"I was skeptical when I enrolled in the Weekend TEFL, but after three days of intensive course I felt very satisfied. Sheila is not only a trainer but also a very experienced teacher. I embrace her philosophy because she is how a modern teacher should be: open to new strategies, patient with students, well organized and always enthusiastic. I’ve been teaching privately for years as a second job, now I’m starting my teaching career and I feel more confident. I highly recommend this course for those who really want to become teachers or to improve their teaching skills."



"Thank you very much for the immense support you gave me during the weekend TEFL course. It definitely helped me review techniques which I had gotten to know through my experience as a teacher but never knew their text book definitions (since I had never taken a course as such before).I love your enthusiasm and energy in the classroom.  Up until last week I didn’t have a role model to look up to as a teacher but now I have you :)" 



"It’s been almost a month since I finished the Weekend TEFL and though it’s late, I want to thank you for being such a very professional trainor for us. Having no experience with the teaching industry, I found the course very helpful and you’re a very good inspiration to aspiring individuals who want to teach english! Absolutely worth giving publicity and can’t wait to enroll for another course!" 



"Sheila, I just wanted to thank you again! I really enjoyed the course, it was very intense! Because I have been teaching for 5 years the topics were easy for me to follow.  Loads of good information that I will use in my lesson planning and classroom activities. I was thinking though that for someone who has no teaching experience the course may present a lot of information all at once, therefore a bit difficult to comprehend, although Sheila is fantastic and takes time to ensure everyone is following, no one is left behind!! "



"First of all THANKS for the great, unique, amazing atmosphere that you create in your training sessions. 20 hrs in a weekend is really a crazy decision BUT thanks to you everything becomes a pleasure!  I really appreciate what you taught during this course. I found all the topics very useful and interesting; I loved the different ways the course was organized. Never boring, always dynamic and full of discussions points.  My portfolio is now richer, it’s my personal masterpiece and I can’t wait to plan my future lessons following your ideas, instructions and suggestions.  TEFL in Florence with Sheila: It has been the best decision ever!" 



"It was so nice to be amongst such a great group of people.  Thank you for your good energy. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the class with you all.  Sheila's course was well organized, easy to follow, and informative. It was so helpful. Take care and I hope that this won't be the last time that we see each other.  Look me up if you're in Siena!!"



"Sheila you are an AMAZING teacher I had a wonderful time."



"Thanks for a truly great course Sheila."



"I am a new teacher and just completed the Weekend TEFL Course in Florence. This course has provided me with indispensable materials which are sitting on my desk at all times. This is my bible of sorts for teaching any class from now on. Also, the fellow teachers I met during this weekend have inspired me and made me feel honored to be part of this profession."

Mary Ann


"Once again I would like to say thank you for the wonderful course. You are a real professional and I learned a lot during the course."



"Thanks so much for a really great weekend! I really enjoyed the course and thanks for the advice!"



"I loved the course! it was very nice indeed!"



"Thank you once again for the informative Weekend TEFL course. As an inexperienced teacher, I have a much clearer view of how to teach English to children and adults. 

I am excited to start and will definitely keep the Advanced course dates in mind." 



"Sheila, your course has actually been great! l was so involved in the activities and it was nice to meet other people with whom l could share my interests. I didn't care about the difference of age. On the contrary, it was a chance to share feedback and enlarge my views. I would really like to join other trainings in the future. You've been so friendly and relaxing and got us at our ease in every moment. Thank you so much. I hope to meet you soon!"



"It was really useful to learn from other teachers and share experiences in this course. I also discovered a great variety of resources and methods that can actually be used to improve my lessons. In my opinion, teachers need to be continuously updated in their teaching techniques and this course really helps accomplish that goal. It is also very useful for those who wish to start teaching English and get some insight about it.  I strongly recommend it!"



"l would just like to say again how much l enjoyed the course, l thought you were fantastic and l learnt a lot!  l really hope in the not too distant future to come back and do another course with you."



"It was a pleasure to meet you and also share experiences and knowledge through the whole weekend! A really empowering experience, loved it!"



"I took part on the TEFL weekend course without having any past experience in teaching English. I really am astonished by all the things I learned in only a weekend.  I am deeply inspired by Sheila's professionalism, her knowledge, and her way to teach. I can't wait to become a teacher soon!!"



"I'd  like to compliment you for your skilful organization of the course, your excellent management of such a tight schedule, your attention in involving every participant at each step. Watching you teaching has been an additional training for me. Thank you for this pleasant and stimulating experience."



"Sheila is one of the greatest teachers I've ever met. I enjoyed every lesson that she prepared and I never felt any boredom while listening to her. She is just an amazing teacher!!!"



"I enjoyed taking the weekend TEFL course in Florence because it was very interactive. Sheila, our teacher, is very passionate,  motivated and full of resources, and that charges you with positive energy, making the activities so joyful. Also, in my opinion, the course was well structured and gives you a lot of quality content."



"Great weekend,  great and enriching experience!!!!  Thanks Sheila, you've been professional and friendly at the same time!"



"A great class and a great teacher. Thank you all for everything, I miss you!"



"Thank you so much for the fantastic course. I absolutely LOVED it. I felt like all the activities were beneficial and not redundant. In short, I did not feel like my time was being wasted as it sometimes does in the long courses. I hope to be able to take more classes with you in the future!  Thanks again for everything!"



"Thank you for the very useful and fun TEFL weekend! It was great and I am happy I was there! You are a great teacher! :)  I hope we will meet sometime in the future!  Thanks for everything!"



"Thank you for this incredible course. I am sure it was not easy for you to structure so much information in 20 hours but the result was great. I really appreciated the atmosphere and the know-how practice during these 3 days. I remember your course in 2013 and that gave me the motivation to apply for the second time this year. I am sure it will be the third time soon. Hugs and good luck in everything!"



"I had great time with you and with the new friends I got thanks to the course. I hope we may find ourselves once more altogether, we five with you, for a new course sharing both English and still more laughs and fun."



"Thank you so much for the exiting and intensive weekend and experience. You were so passionate, creative and friendly with students! After this course I feel more confident, I can start a new period of my life as a teacher, thanks to the fundamentals you taught me. I also met wonderful people in my group, hope to see both you and them again one day...maybe soon. Thanks again Sheila!" 



"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! You are clearly very passionate about teaching and this automatically turns into motivation given to your students. I had never been involved in teaching English up to now and I approached the course as a step to a twist in my professional career. Now I excitedly  got my feet wet and am looking forward to the new doors I  could possibly be opening. Thanks again!"



"Thank you for an amazing weekend.  It was such an incredible experience that certainly taught me the fundamentals of teaching.  You're passion truly shines as a teacher which is inspiring and your style makes everything seem seamless.  You're an inspiration and I want to thank you!"



"Having already taken part in a TEFL course I thought I knew what to expect from the course with Sheila. I was wrong! Sheila’s enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity and patience made for three fascinating days which the whole class loved. We came away engaged, excited and impatient to put what we had learned to use. Sheila has a wealth of experience and she teaches with such energy and enthusiasm. Not least, she has time and patience for each and every pupil. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Sheila and if you’re on the fence about whether or not to take this course I can wholeheartedly say, go for it!"



"Thank you Sheila, it was a great learning experience for me. You taught us so much and I hope I will have the time to do the 120hr online. I was really fortunate to meet some wonderul people. Warm greetings to you all."



"I want to thank you, Sheila, for an incredible weekend. I admire your passion for training, which I know kept us all so motivated for the weekend. It was also lovely to meet everyone else and develop wonderful friendships along the way. Sending you all the most positive wishes for your next exciting adventure. ;) xxx"



"The course was very organized and well structured. I also found the topics well chosen like culture which is very important for teaching.  Learning in a small group was also good. The teacher was always present and collaborative during the activities. I recommended the course to a friend of mine and she will probably join in the near future."



"This course is well structured and organised, and a perfect way to get hands-on experience and learn about where you could improve your own teaching methods as well as learning about a variety of topics related to teaching English. I found this course particularly helpful as I do not have much teaching experience, it was the perfect way to improve my knowledge and learn some new techniques!"



"I learned so much during this weekend, and I feel prepared and confident enough to begin teaching English! I think the best aspect was that the lessons were exciting and supplemented with relevant/effective activities. You also provided a good model for classroom management. Thank you!"



"Thank you for this weekend filled with growth, knowledge and totally relaxed learning. I enjoyed your inclusive, gentle and respectful way of teaching. I am able to take a lot with me observing your teaching style and the way you handle dominant and strongly opinionated students."



"Thank you very much for the TEFL weekend course, which I really enjoyed.  I was already familiar with some of the topics that we discussed as I took an exam about L2 teaching last year, but I found the hands-on part of the course really useful because for the first time I received feedback for what I did. As an English teacher I am used to preparing reading, writing, listening and speaking activities for my students, but since I do not possess a proper teaching qualification, the tefl course provided me with a better insight into the stages or techniques which I should use before going into the class and starting the activities with the students.  I would also have liked to talk about adult teaching, which is my field of interest, and maybe compare it to young learner teaching, but I realise that it is impossible to cover so many topics in just a weekend. However, I will definitely put into practice the suggestions and tips that you gave us in my future teaching experience. Thank you once more for the lovely weekend. It was really a pleasure to meet you and all the other TEFL course participants!"

Course Graduates


“Sheila is not only an always punctual and precise teacher but also an inspiring expert. Lots of work and little talk - that's Sheila's way!" - Emin

“I really enjoyed the TEFL course in Florence and especially having you as my teacher trainer. You were very supportive and encouraging and your comments, suggestions and advice were very clear and helpful. You really boosted my self-confidence and now I feel more prepared to enter a classroom.” - Daniela 

“Thank you so much for an exhausting but incredibly rewarding weekend. It was exactly what I needed at the start of my journey in learning to be an educator. Not only did it give me taste of what it's like to teach, and exactly how much preparation is involved, but I now have a great resume which I can take to job interviews, and I feel confident I could plan a lesson now. I am really grateful I was able to experience this weekend with you as our teacher, because I found you so clear to follow, and inspiring in many ways. You have confirmed for me that teaching is what I really want to learn how to do well. Thank you again!" - Anna

“Thank you so much for all you taught me in the course and for being so patient with me :) I learned so much during this course from both Sheila and the other students, which as a new teacher I really appreciated. Sheila's course has also given me more confidence than I had before, as well as some great ideas for my classroom. I highly recommend this course! Thank you again for everything!” - Tracey

“I just wanted to thank you again for the brilliant course. The thing I appreciated the most from this course was its structure. When I read the schedule I felt like I might have been a bit overwhelmed by the different topics we were going to discuss. Especially since this one was the first teacher- training course I had ever followed. But it was logically structured and that made it very easy to follow. Touching upon so many issues was also very useful as it made me understand where both my strengths and weakness might be found as a teacher. The creation of the portfolio was the ultimate, good idea for someone like me who has had only 2 months of teaching experience up to now.” - Silvia 

 “Thank you, Thank you and once again, Thank you! You opened my eyes to a whole new world and being around you and those other eight extraordinary people made it so worthwhile. I loved being in the course so much -- it didn't feel like we were studying, it was pure enjoyment... I will definitely be recommending this course to a few friends. You are one of the top teachers I have met! My overall impression of the course is fabulous, and I could go on forever as there are not enough words to describe it! So from the bottom of my heart ... thank you for everything - you are a star!”  - Jessica xxx

“I really enjoyed the course! It was completely different from any other I've ever attended (which are quite a few). I really liked the atmosphere in the classroom, everybody was nice and ready to share experiences and suggestions! I really learned a lot, it was definitely worth the trip to Florence from Sardinia! Thank you very much,  it was really a great experience! Hoping to see you soon in Sardinia. Thank u again for this weekend, the course was great :)”  - Eleonora 

“My overall impression is that the course was well tailored to meet the needs of the learners. The content was very relevant and interesting. The teacher was awesome! At the end of the course, I wondered how time flew and wanted to stay a little longer to learn something else :). I am so set, I appreciate everything.” - Leah

“I enjoyed this course immensely! It was a bit tiring at the end, but it was worth it! You were EXCELLENT and precise and you amazed me with your ideas and brilliant suggestions! I can say that the entire content has helped me in my teaching career. I would also like to say that the professional approach indicated by the website was a true reflection of the course itself. If any of my colleagues are looking for a similar course then I will recommend yours! Thank you again and I look forward to the possibility of doing future courses.” - Lucy

“I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication during this course. I acquired a few more techniques that I hadn't get from my previous TEFL course which was much longer. I just regret it was too short of time principally for the presentations... :) Wish you the best of luck...” Andre

“It was great pleasure to meet you and learn from you. I had a great and useful time at the course, thank you for all the efforts and the work you have made to make this new experience for me an enjoyable and fruitful one. I believe I have learnt all the things needed to start my teaching career. I am sure with time and experience, I will get better and I will be able to become more solid and consistent in my approach.” - Saba

“What can I say? The Weekend TEFL course was fantastic very motivating and very interesting i just loved IT! Thank you so Much it was such a pleasure to be learning with you! See you soon. I will keep you posted!” - Maxine 

“Thank you for the great TEFL course, your support and continuing enthusiasm. It was great meeting you and the other English teachers, as I found it particularly enriching and useful to hear from you and them about different teaching experiences. It's definitely been very useful for a beginning teacher like myself. I can't wait to put the topics and practical tips we talked about last weekend into practice in my classroom.” - Eva

“I really enjoyed this 3 days course, it has been very intense, challenging and useful! It was great to meet and confront other teachers, I've learnt a lot from them too. Sheila has been a very good teacher and a great example for my practice. Once I got back in the classroom with my students, I suddenly felt much more confident after just three days of course! And... Florence is a fabulous place!!” – Alessandra

“I felt that the program was extremely well organized, informative and very hands on. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering teaching. Thanks so much for everything!” – Caeli

“I would highly recommend this course to both aspiring teachers and also to those who are already teaching English as a foreign language. You are knowledgeable and experienced and most importantly you impart knowledge in a way that enables those following in your wake. In addition to benefitting from good course content and excellent teaching there is the opportunity to share with and learn from a relevant peer group. The whole package simply works. And lets not underestimate effect of the venue! Florence! Amazing.” - Carole

“What a pleasure to get to know you during the class! Last night I was reflecting on how much information we covered in such a short amount of time and how efficient and organized and thoughtful you have made the course. If I had seen the amount of information and hand-outs we would receive during the course, I would have thought it would be impossible to cover it all and still remain interested and enthusiastic, but you were able to vary the class activities so much that everyone participated and contributed until the very last minute! Your skill in preparing English speakers to become teachers through showing us the best methods in action in the classroom is really an art and makes it clear that you love what you do! Thank you so much for all the work you have done to accumulate such a through and complete course. Now I really feel prepared to teach effectively! Grazie tantissimo!” – Kristi 

"I decided to enrol in the TEFL weekend course, because I wanted to learn how to effectively teach to my students, but, unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to attend a regular course. The course provided me with a huge amount of useful techniques and information, despite the short duration. This was possible especially thanks to Sheila, who held the course with passion, sharing her knowledge, and giving us her precious feedback. Finally, I would also like to thank you and my course-mates for their feedback, and their support." Elia



"Regarding the weekend course, I thought it was very interesting and stimulating at the same time! I enjoyed it a lot and it was never tiring or boring thanks to you. I laughed a lot and learnt from the tips you gave aside from the usual material. I am very grateful and would do it again and it was a great experience.I hope that, if I do other similar courses, to enjoy them just as much! Thanks for your wisdom and patience." 



"I cannot thank you enough for everything that I have learned over the weekend during your TEFL course. It was truly a wonderful experience that surpassed all of my expectations. I can honestly say that I got everything that I needed out of it and more!  I will follow up on all the information you shared with me and I will definitely keep in touch to share with you my teaching adventures. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again for everything."



"It was really great meeting you in Florence, you're such a talented and inspiring teacher trainer! I thank you for all your encouragements and positive feedback, I had the  chance to reflect on your advice and now I'm willing to work hard and develop professionally. I think every teacher should have this positive attitude because we are "life-long learners" as our students. I appreciated the materials, the strategies proposed for our teaching and the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues. I think the course is well  organized and full of valuable advice and Sheila is a very talented and inspiring trainer. It's the perfect course if you are a new teacher and need to gain access to new resources and ideas for your life in the classroom... thanks Sheila!"



"It was a great course with full of info and was really effective. I am so happy to have taken this course and spent good time with you and colleagues. I will recommend it to all of my friends. Thanks a lot for everything Hope to see you again."



"Even if you have a few years of teaching under your belt, you're going to get a lot of great ideas from attending Sheila's weekend TEFL course. Her insights into the field have been invaluable. I recommend the course to both seasoned teachers and those hoping to enter the profession."



"The weekend was just fabulous and I really enjoyed it - very glad I decided to do it first, and in Florence.. I'm already missing Florence!"



"As you know I've been teaching for many years and had never thought about doing a refresher course before, but I really needed it. I'd forgotten the importance of many aspects of teaching English. I was surprised how insecure and inadequate I felt, at my age, in front of such bright confident starters! Weren't they good? One of the things I realised is that I don't praise my students enough, repeatedly hearing your "that's great" certainly helped us. I shall advise my friends and colleagues about your course. Once again thank you and I wish you all the best."

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Location: Florence

Price: € 225

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