“The best way to learn is to do; the worst way to teach is to talk.”
(Paul Halmos)


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Course Description

The Online TEFL Certificate is what is required to become a certified teacher of English as a Foreign Language.  It is the equivalent of a four week (onsite TEFL course) and can be started and completed at anytime from anywhere.

This course is worth the equivalent of 120 hrs of instruction and it will provide:

100% online TEFL course with 24/7 access.

Full support and detailed feedback from your teacher trainer living in Italy.

Student-friendly study materials.

Practical tools and lesson ideas that will aid you in the classroom.

The opportunity to work at your own pace (wherever and whenever you want).

A full set of graduation papers.

An internationally recognized TEFL certificate.

Full administration support. 

Everything you need (no hidden extras) is included to complete this online course for the extremely affordable course fee of 265 USD (or €235 in person) - To enroll in this course, fill out the enrollment form and pay the course fee through PayPal.  After receipt of course fees,  the enrollment process will begin. Upon completion of your registration, the online course can be started immediately.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive, free of charge:

  Your TEFL Certificate

  Your Marksheet

  Your Reference Letter 

Our Program


The Online TEFL Certificate course in collaboration with Teaching English in Italy is a serious, practical and comprehensive introduction to the essential elements of teaching English as a foreign language. The material used in the course is in line with up-to-date linguistic theories and reflects common teaching practice amongst professional language teachers.  


Module 1

In this first module, the subject of English Language Teaching is introduced. The module begins by talking about what it means to be an English language teacher. Since many students are new to the subject, the first module is particularly careful in introducing new ideas. There are plenty of examples given and the module is written in user-friendly language. Later, general approaches to teaching English is discussed, and in the final section focuses on students and what language learning is like for them. The background to the subject is included and a good understanding to the general principles of language teaching will be covered. The next four modules will take these principles and go into more detail.

Module 2

This module looks more in detail at students. Why are they in the classroom? What kind of English do they want to learn? How can they be motivated? How about the class make-up? The module then moves on to look at how you can firstly discover what your students need to know and then how you can create a plan of action for teaching them. Here it's all about understanding what you need to teach to make sure you will be able to benefit your students the most.

Module 3

This module carries on where the previous module left off. Having a plan of action, the way in which a lesson is approached with regard to subject matter, subject presentation and teaching style is part of this module. It talks about creating enthusiasm in the classroom, alternative ways of teaching and the kind of resources which can be brought into play in a lesson. This module works towards creating an appropriate lesson plan for the class, taking into account all the factors which influence what the lesson will include and what it will not.

Module 4

In this module, a look at more general classroom management is provided. For example, how to deal with rowdy students to the best layout for the room. There are also plenty of tips on how to make the language teacher presence felt in the classroom and how to get the most from language learners. Like the rest of the course, the module is highly practical. There are plenty of real techniques and real strategies that can be used in class to make teaching effective and meaningful. The module moves on to deal with the practical side of running an activity and then dealing with student errors which might follow. 

Module 5

This is the final module. It begins by looking at the kind of things language teachers can do in class to motivate their students and make their lessons interesting. There are sections on resources and how to use them effectively. Then come useful activities and ideas such as inventive ways to use course books. The module then moves on to different skills areas and how to approach them: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Again, plenty more activities and ideas on how to get the most out of your language learning classroom. 

Course Reviews



"I choose ICAL for a few reasons, but the main reason was that ICAL met all of my personal needs when it came to completing a TEFL certificate. I first found the overall layout and structure of the website to be very professional. This gave me a really great first impression of ICAL because of how thorough all of the information on the website is. Everything was always super easy to follow and I gained a lot of new information from the website before even starting the certificate. The fact that I was able to complete this certificate at my own pace was one of my top priorities when searching for an online TEFL certification because of my busy college schedule. It was nice that I did not feel rushed to complete any of the assignments and I was able to work at a pace that met my needs. I also really like ICAL’s post-graduation benefits. It is super helpful that ICAL provides you with a reference letter once you complete the course and I am looking forward to using the job search support in the near future. Overall, the ICAL team was extremely kind and always answered my questions in a timely manner. I had an amazing experience with ICAL and I would definitely recommend this program to other people looking to complete a TEFL certificate." 



"Dear Ms. Sheila, Thank you so much for your support throughout the course and even for your care when I was sick. I learned quite a lot from this course."



"Sheila is a teacher who is always attentive to the needs of the teachers, the students and to what is the best material to use in class. What impresses me about her is her capacity to optimise time, to understand immediately the needs of those in the classroom, and to be always available and helpful. Sheila is always reassuring, and is attentive to detail. Sheila never puts you in an awkward position, and she helps you to find the best solutions for dealing professionally with whatever situations occur in the classroom. This course has been very useful to me, especially in the preparation of a detailed and exciting lesson plan. Thank you again for your help, and your availability. We will see you in Florence for the updating weekend."



"Sheila has always been very precise and punctual. She has encouraged and stimulated me with challening questions throughout the course, providing valuable insight. I would recommend this course to other users. Thank you again veery much for your support and your valuable insight!"



"Sheila's comments were not only encouraging, but extremely helpful. Thank you Sheila for your comments. They have been very helpful through the progression of the course. I will keep your advice and suggestions in mind when planning for my next lessons."



"Thank you very much for your support during this course and also your suggestions, which I found very stimulating and interesting!" 



"Sheila was a great help, always there for me. She coached me through the whole process and her comments and recommendations were excellent. I couldn't have done it without you, Sheila. Thanks for your patience and guidance."



"Thank you so much for your support through the course. You've been extremely helpful and I'll keep in mind all of your comments so that I can improve as an english teacher day by day."



"Sheila is an excellent tutor. She stimulated me to work harder and have more ideas. She was very quick to correct my assignments and I also appreciated her comments and feedback."



"Sheila was a really great tutor. I had some history courses going and, as of such, I was far from consistent in getting my work in. However, she was super consistent and I always got my work back within a few days if not the very next day. She was encouraging, but didn't fail to point out anything I could have done better. I plan to keep her comments. I have a feeling they'll really help me."



"I would like to thank you for being an excellent tutor. Taking my online TEFL, I have never felt alone although it is an online course. I have always been sure that there was someone I could "call" at any time.  Your advice and comments to my assignments have been very useful.  Thank you!!"



"Sheila is absolutely wonderful! She is very, very competent and an all-around terrific teacher! Sheila, I wanted to say a special thank you for the great time you took to correct my assignments and for the precious comments and suggestions you made each time. I admire you greatly as a teacher and will take every opportunity I can to follow your courses. I'm afraid you haven't gotten rid of me quite yet! I hope you don't mind! ;)  Thanks again!"



"Thank you, Sheila! Very happy! You have been a great tutor and I thank you for all your help. I am looking forward to attending the Weekend TEFL course in Florence soon.  Thank you again!"

Course Graduates


“I learned much that I wouldn't have considered on my own so it's been a valuable experience. Also more challenging than I thought it would be, which is nice because that'll make me more prepared. I won't really know how well prepared I am until I'm standing in front of a class I suppose! I thought Sheila was great. Always prompt and had many helpful comments. I don't think she graded unreasonably or too leniently. Thanks for your help, Sheila! I have nothing but positive feedback for my experience working with you. Best of luck in your future!" Ryan

“Sheila was clear and direct. Thank you Sheila for your hard work, and patience!" - Lise

“Thank you for all the great feedback! You’ve been very helpful." - Perla 

“Sheila was very insightful and would compliment my ideas with her own comments throughout the course. It encouraged me to consider various possibilities within the same lesson. Thank you for your guidance throughout the process, Sheila. I really appreciate all your comments. They really encouraged me to expand upon my own ideas. Thanks again!!!” - Afriyie

“I felt to have a good feeling with Sheila from the start because we have in common the fact that we're both American and we both live and teach English to Italian students. Besides this, she is very professional and all her comments have been good suggestions to how to improve my lessons. I thank you very much for all your help and support during my assignments. It has been a great pleasure to have you as my teacher trainer.” – Salvatrice

“Sheila, it was great to have you as my tutor. Your comments have been very helpful and useful and I also appreciated your questions that made me think how to extend the points included in my assignments. Thank you!!!” - Laura

“My teacher trainer was really helpful, clear in giving tips and corrections, and really quick in sending back my papers. Sheila, thank you for all your help during the course: your feedback was really great and it made me think about bits that I sometimes missed while writing out the assignment. And you were really quick in replying! Thanks again.” - Barbara 

“Thank you very much Sheila for your important support during this interesting experience. I think you're an excellent teacher trainer. It was an honour for me to work with you.” - Serena

“Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the course and your support throughout was extremely helpful - thank you! I am Looking forward to teaching in Sicily!” - Isobell 

“Sheila was quick to correct and respond. She also provided thoughtful comments and suggestions.” - Jillian

“Sheila was GREAT! She was very helpful and motivating. Sheila, thank you so much for all your help. Your comments were very helpful and motivating. Much appreciated." -  Ashley

“Sheila was awesome, very patient and helpful in guiding me along the course path. I began not really knowing how to "think" like an instructor, but she lead me throughout the material, and I progressed because of her kind and caring guidance.” -Michael

“Sheila was very helpful and quick to return emails and grade assignments. It was a pleasure to deal with her and I greatly appreciated her valuable feedback and comments on my assignments. Sheila, thank you so very much for accommodating me under my special circumstances and providing a more than adequate solution to my problem. I am confident that everything will work out and I thank you for your understanding, assistance and guidance. I wish for you all the very best.” - Shelley

“Sheila gave detailed feedback on each module, very helpful. Thank you Sheila, you've been a wonderful tutor!” - Jessica

“Sheila was very helpful and provided plenty of feedback on assignments. A quick marker too: much appreciated. Thank YOU” - Katrine

“Thank you for being patient with me! I really appreciated all your comments because they helped me think outside of my own box. Best wishes to you!’ – Alex

Course details

120 Hours

Location: Online

Price: € 235 / $ 265

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