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Preparing Medici family activities for CLIL in Practice: Focus on Florence - a 5 day teacher training course for language and academic subject teachers.


Article in Italian

The following interview was written by my good friends at IELO languages. It's all about my teaching life in Italy (in Italian only) and new position with ICAL TEFL - online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) - certification courses: 

Sheila Corwin: “Che meraviglia, insegnare!” E ora in bocca al lupo ICAL


CV tips for English Teachers

My dear friend and colleague Roberta Begliomini provides some great CV tips for English language teachers in this interview with Gallery Teachers.


Weekend TEFL in Florence

Just another one of our fabulous groups of Weekend TEFL graduates. We hope to see you soon in Florence.


Any Dream is Possible

Any Dream is Possible - Sheila Corwin with Bryn Bonino

Watch the video in the link above.


Happy New Year 2020 to all!

Our last Weekend TEFL course for 2019 took place at the end of November (see photo).  We are looking forward to another great year with lots of courses in store at the Europass Teacher Academy.  We will be attending the IATEFL conference in Manchester, England this year in April. We hope to hear from you in 2020 and wish you a wonderful new year! Our Weekend TEFL courses for 2020 will be held in January, March, May, July, September and November. Feel free to contact us with questions at  


IATEFL Conference

Attended the IATEFL conference in Brighton, England this year and loved it!  Going back for the next one in Liverpool in 2019.  


Seminars and Workshops in April

Sign up for our 3-hour seminar course entitled: "Using Songs, Music Videos, and Lyrics to Complement a Theme or Topic in your Language Learning Classroom" on Friday, April 20th (15:00-18:00) for 50 euros.

This will be followed by a "CLIL: Focus Florence" 10 hour workshop course which will focus on Renaissance and Contemporary Florence as content. This 2-day CLIL course will be held on Saturday, April 21 (14:00-18:00) and Sunday, April 22nd (10:00-16:00) for 150 euros.

Don't miss these inspiring and engaging courses. Sign up for one or both courses and feel free to contact me for more


Teaching Business English (TBE) seminar feedback

Our Teaching Business English seminar took place on December 15, 2017.  With approximately 30 participants, here is some of the feedback we received:

"This seminar was really useful for teachers."

"Always very inspiring. Thank you!"

"Very informative and helpful in thinking about how to structure business English, inspire students, and involve them in the lesson."

"Interesting and informative. Three hours well spent."

"I loved the seminar.  It was very objective and the content will be useful for my next classes."

"It was great! Thank you so much."


Ready for 2018!

We've just updated our course dates for 2018.  In 2018, We'll be offering a few new courses.  The first is  a 10 hour CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) course, which focuses on Renaissance and Contemporary Florence as content. This course will be held on a Saturday and Sunday.  We are also working on a 25 hour Teaching Content course which focuses solely on Italy as content with a concentration on five of it's most renowned cities.  One of the cities is Naples and everything about this city from the Queen Regina (responsible for the Pizza Margherita) to the mafia expert, Robert Saviano, will be included. Language and other teachers will learn more about creating and incorporating reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities to non-native speakers of a language in these courses.


CLIL Workshop 10 hours (in Florence, Italy)

2018 course dates for the long awaited 10 hour CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) Workshop in Florence, Italy  have been decided upon!  We will be offering a 10 hour CLIL Workshop for already practicing language teachers.  Learn how to teach language through interesting content (reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities) that motivates your learners. Course dates: April 21-22, June 16-17, July 21-22, September 22, 23, November 17-18.  Write for more information and a two day course schedule.


CLIL in Practice: Focus Florence, Italy

Last week my "CLIL in Practice: Focus Florence" students saw the Medici Dynasty Show, which is not to be missed! As you can see, they had a great time with the cast!


Classroom Management Solutions in Berlin, Germany

We just returned from a week long course on "Classroom Management Solutions" in Berlin, Germany in collaboration with the Europass Teacher Academy.  Teachers from all over Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Estonia and Croatia participated in the course.  Needless to say, we had a wonderful time!


Toward the Development of a Model Program to Promote an Engaged, Student-Centered Classroom for English Language Teachers in Italy

Breaking news: Sheila Corwin's oral defense was presented at California Coast University on January 4, 2017.  The title of her completed dissertation is: Toward the Development of a Model Program to Promote an Engaged, Student-Centered Classroom for English Language Teachers in Italy.

For a free copy, please contact

The Real Scoop: Teaching English in Italy

By: Sheila Marie Corwin

With its beautiful landscape, delicious food, and precious works of art, who wouldn't want to teach English in Italy? Yes, Italy indeed, is one of the world's most popular locations for those seeking work Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Moreover, Teaching English is often one of the first occupations that English speakers think of when they visit Italy, fall in love with the country, and decide to stay just a little longer, if not a lifetime!

If you're serious about finding work teaching English in Italy, it's best for you to complete a certification in TEFL. The certification is worth its weight in gold, especially if you're competing for jobs with others who already have teaching experience or with those who have no teaching experience, but are already certified. In addition, because of the over abundance of English language teachers in some Italian cities, many private language schools won't even consider hiring someone without a TEFL certification.

A TEFL certificate will give you the opportunity to work in private language schools throughout the country. Of course, if you are a member of the EU you will have a much easier time finding work, than if you're not. If you're not a member of the EU, don't give up! Finding work is still possible for non-EU members, but you'll need to be flexible, work a little harder at finding a job, and not expect things to work as they do in your own country. In the beginning, you shouldn't expect to get a lot of teaching hours from one school as they'll want to test you out and see how students feel about you and your lessons. In order to make ends meet, you might find yourself working for several schools at the same time and doing freelance teaching with private students you find on your own or through word of mouth.

Whether you're a member of the EU or not, you might find smaller schools in small out- of-the-way places more willing to hire and offer you a contract from the outset. Don't rule out smaller cities, thinking you'll only be happy in big cities like Florence, Rome, or Venice. Remember, if you choose to teach in lesser known towns and cities, you'll have less competition for jobs, be more exotic as an English-speaking foreigner to the locals, and probably find more work.

The best way to go about finding a job teaching English in Italy is to either, look on one of the several online ESL or EFL teaching sites which list employment opportunities or if you have some ideas about the exact place you'd like to teach, search on the internet in Italy's Yellow Pages ( under scuole di lingue (language schools). Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of private language schools in both Italy's regions and specific cities (e.g., Tuscany and Florence). If you're already living in Italy, you probably know that Italians prefer face-to-face contact; and they are much more likely to hire someone they've seen or know than someone they have never met. Even if they are not hiring at the moment, it's a good idea to visit every language school on your list. Tip: when you arrive to the town that interests you with your yellow pages listing, pick up a map at the local tourist office and map out the schools in the area over a cappuccino or espresso at the nearest coffee bar. Even if the private language schools you visit are not hiring at the moment, leave your CV/resume with the director, you never know when they might need an English teacher. Schools will most likely keep your resume on file and may even call you one or two months later. It is advisable not to waste your time sending your CVs/resumes by mail or email to schools if you can visit them in person. There is really not a best time of year to look for work teaching English in Italy, although August is probably the worst time because much of Italy is closed and on vacation during that month.

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