“Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.”
(Scott Hayden)


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Course Description

This program is perfect for anyone who wants the best of both learning worlds (onsite in Florence and online from anywhere).

It provides:

  140 hours of English teacher training (the equivalent of any four week TEFL Certificate course)

  enrollment in the Weekend TEFL in Florence (onsite TEFL certificate) course (20 hours) 

  enrollment in the Online TEFL (online TEFL certificate) course (120 hours)

  flexibility for those who can't commit to a longer onsite TEFL Certificate course due to time constraints

  affordability - no other combination can provide the same great training at such an affordable price

  Two (2) - TEFL certificates - one issued by the Europass Teacher Academy in collaboration with Teaching English in Italy and one issued by ICAL (International Certificate in Applied Linguistics) in London, England.  Both courses are taught by the same experienced and engaging English language teacher trainer, Sheila Corwin

Enrollments for the Blended TEFL option can be completed by filling out the online enrollment form.

The Weekend TEFL (225 euros) in Florence portion of the program is processed through the Europass Teacher Academy, where the course is held in Florence, Italy. Upon receipt of the enrollment form, a Pro-forma invoice will be sent by email. Payment for the onsite portion of this course combination is required before the starting date in order to reserve a guaranteed seat in the course. Please find a downloadable course schedule for the Weekend TEFL portion under course details.

The Online TEFL portion is paid to Teaching English in Italy in the amount of 265 US dollars through Paypal or in the equivalent of 235 euros in person. 


Our Program

Weekend TEFL in Florence course location: 

Europass Teacher Academy 

Via Sant' Egidio, 12

50122 Florence, Italy

Tel. +39 347 378 8169

Tel. +39 055 247 9995

Accommodation is not provided and/or included in the course fees; however, a list of preferred accommodations near the course location can be given. 

The Blended TEFL includes the 3-day Weekend TEFL in Florence course and the Online TEFL course, which requires the completion of five self-paced course modules. The online TEFL course can be started and completed before or after the Weekend TEFL in Florence course. 

Course Reviews

Course graduates


“Sheila was excellent. Fast response. Insightful comments. Thank you for your assistance and thoughtful comments. I can tell you took the time to read each assignment thoroughly.” Mary

Sheila was great! She always corrected my assignments very quickly and let me ask her any questions I had about her teaching abroad experiences. Thank you, Sheila, for all the time you spent on my assignments! I appreciate all your comments and feedback! Thanks again for all your time and help!”  Courtney

“My overall impression about the course: A unique course driven with passion in teaching English and a great way to meet and exchange ideas with different individuals around the world. Thank you so much and because of you together with my fellow participants I gained confidence in teaching English.” – Leiann

“I thought the course was great. Packed with useful information and tips.” – Sos

“Thank you Sheila for a super inspiring weekend, got such a wake up call on teaching. Learnt a lot and ready to put things into action. Thanks as well to such a great group, loved the fact we were like a fruit salad, all from different places.” - Orietta

“It's Monday morning and I'm back down to earth - not with a bump but feeling inspired and with a spring in my step. Thank you Sheila for your inspiration, energy and patience in dealing with one of your most apprehensive learners. :)”  - Felicity 

“I couldn't have had a better teacher trainer. I really liked your comments. Thank you Sheila!!!” - Claudia

“I truly enjoyed the weekend TEFL course and feel that every exercise, idea, activity and teaching model we covered were very useful and practical. Thank you for the resources as well. I also like the way you applied the teaching methods and activities to the class while teaching them too! Thanks again!” - Christine

“The course was so interesting and fun. It was really great! You were great to us, and encouraged us to acquire tips and skills so useful for teachers. We all had a great time! Thank you, Sheila, for being so good! I would definitely recommend this course. It was so useful and stimulating!” – Caterina

“I want to thank and congratulate you for the wonderful course you gave us last weekend. It was very complete, putting attention to every important point that a teacher should know when teaching. I really feel a lot more confident now. I loved your dynamic and enthusiastic way of teaching-- it inspired us all of us! You created a very good atmosphere that allowed us all to learn in a very nice and us well professional environment. Thank you for your dedication!” - Sofia

“I have just completed the Weekend TEFL course. I can sincerely say that Sheila is the best in training teachers. She is calm, patient and ready to help out. Thank you Sheila for training me to become a better teacher and for all your valuable advice, which can only come from a very experienced Teacher Trainer!! There's nothing I would change about the Weekend TEFL course as it works very well just as it is now. A weekend packed with all sorts of teaching ideas and activities.” - Jo

“Sheila, Thank you so much for being my teacher trainer for this course. You were extremely helpful throughout and I really enjoyed working with you!” Megan

“The weekend TEFL course in Florence was excellent, with never a dull moment. I have lots of teaching experience in other areas but learnt a huge amount and enjoyed myself equally. Thanks to our teacher for her extensive knowledge and unfailing good humour and inspiration.” - Neil

 “I would just like to thank you for a very interesting and stimulating course that managed to cover all aspects of teaching and gave me more confidence and lots of ideas on how to improve my work in the classroom. Although it was very intensive, I found it very stimulating!!! Thanks again Sheila, for sharing so much knowledge with us, and I hope very much that my lessons will be less boring from now on!” - Sara

“I really enjoyed the 3 days TEFL course I learnt so much about teaching and with a very good trainer. The course was very intense, challenging and useful. It was also nice to meet other teachers and receive their feedback too. Sheila, keep up the good work and I will let my friends know about the course in Florence. Overall I'm very happy about the course and I'm glad I did it. Many Thanks.” Anne

“What can i say, your course has been an inspiration and am sure the others think so too. I can only thank you for doing such a great job and giving me the courage and umph my teaching needed. Thanks again.” - Jennifer

Course details

140 Hours

Location: Onsite & Online

Price: 225 € + 265 $

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