Resources for those interested in teaching English in Italy

Below are other resources that you might be interested in.

Private language schools in Italy

When looking for jobs in a specific city or region in Italy start your search with the Italian yellow pages or pagine gialle.
Where it reads, Cosa: type: scuole di lingue
Where it reads, Dove: type: city or region (e.g., Florence or Tuscany OR Genova or Liguria)

Print out the listing and visit each school in the city or region that interests you. Bring your CV/resume with you and ask the director if they are hiring English teachers. Italians prefer face to face contact and presenting yourself to each school, in person, will work much better than sending your CV by email or snail mail.

English publications in Italy with classifieds

Teaching English in Italy organizations

Books about living and working (and teaching) in Italy and Abroad

Websites for expats (and teachers) in Italy

Expat Blogs about living (and teaching) in Italy and Abroad


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