“Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.”
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CLIL in Practice

June 17-21

25 Hours (5 days)

per person /

350 + 30

CLIL in Practice: Focus on Florence

Tefl in Florence

Course Description

This fun and engaging course uses the city of Florence, Italy as content and aims at developing teachers’ knowledge of planning, preparing, and implementing reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities in their language learning classrooms. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and introduces course participants to how the theory of teaching through interesting and relevant content can relate to their own classroom practice.

The course addresses teachers of all subjects who would like to refresh and broaden their skills in activity planning using the four skills, implementing CLIL methodology, and understanding the principles of CLIL and its applications. 

By the end of the course, participants will have learned more about the history, people, and places that have made the city of Florence unique and feel more confident with teaching their subjects in English to non-native speakers of English. Finally, participants will learn the key principles of material development and the integration of content into language teaching.

Contact us for details and download the course schedule. This course is offered in collaboration with the Europass Teacher Academy in Florence, Italy.  To Enroll in the course fill out the online enrollment form.

Our Program

CLIL in Practice: Focus on Florence course location: 

Europass Teacher Academy

Via Sant' Egidio, 12 - 50122 Florence, Italy

Tel. +39 347 378 8169

Tel. +39 055 234 5802 

Accommodation is not provided and/or included in the course fees; however, a list of preferred accommodations near the course location can be given. 


Course Dates

From: 15 April 2019
to: 19 April 2019

From: 20 May 2019
to: 24 May 2019

From: 17 June 2019
to: 21 June 2019

From: 15 July 2019
to: 19 July 2019

From: 19 August 2019
to: 23 August 2019

From: 16 September 2019
to: 20 September 2019

From: 21 October 2019
to: 25 October 2019

From: 18 November 2019
to: 22 November 2019

From: 16 December 2019
to: 20 December 2019

Course Reviews



"My opinion about the CLIL course is really positive. With your enthusiasm, you made the classes very interesting and to seem brief. You taught us how to explain some non-linguistical contents with a foreing language using amazing activities. Thanks for your attention and for your acceptance."



"I found the CLIL course to be a really positive experience. It was meticulously prepared to demonstrate the numerous resources and techniques available to us and how to use them effectively to teach in a stimulating and effective way. Although I was aware of most of the methods adopted I hadn't previously thought about how to use them to construct a CLIL course, so this was invaluable. Sheila was punctual, prepared, friendly, professional and superb at encouraging us all to think and express ourselves without imposing her viewpoint. It was particularly rewarding for me to have the opportunity to work with teachers from around the world and to exchange ideas with them."



"Thank you so much for the wonderful week in Florence. I learned so much about Italy and Florence through the different exercises and activities. I found the course very helpful; learning how to integrate more authentic materials into a language lessons. The course was extremely well structured and integrated well with the afternoon activities "on the town".  The best thing for me was to be "a student", as it helped me understand some of the difficulties faced by my own students.  You are truly an inspiring and motivating teacher!  I returned to Estonia with many new ideas and a positive outlook!"



"The CLIL in practice course was a terrific learning experience. In addition to picking up some great language teaching ideas , we delved into the history and culture of Florence. Each day we focused on a different subject related to this city and then went off to see what we had studied in person. What more can you ask for in content and language integrated learning! Being together with other European teachers with different CLIL experience also made for very constructive exchanges. Thank you Shiela for putting together such a wonderful course!"



"CLIL in practice: Focus Florence" is the best CLIL course I have ever taken and I strongly recommed it. Sheila uses the well known history of Florence as well as the Italian and the Tuscan culture as a framework to teach different CLIL theories and strategies that teachers can later on use with their students. One day she will focus on Michelangelo; the next day she will look at Dante and another day she will cover fashion or cuisine. After the classes, Sheila will take you to visit different places in the city of Florence that were mentioned during the morning activities and she will give you homework related to them.  If you like history and art, if you like Italy, if you want to visit Florence and if you want to become a more effective CLIL teacher, then you should apply to take Sheila's course. I was so amazed by her knowledge and the way she transmitted it to us, that I suggested her to extend the course one more week so that I have an excuse to come back.



The CLIL course I attended gave an overview about the meaning of CLIL and focused every day on a different topic concerning Florence, based on the four skills listening, speaking, reading, writing. I really enjoyed going to this course, because it combined useful exercises in the four skills and at the same time showed us the different facets of Florence - history, art, food, fashion, music, literature... The authentic material she used was very motivating and because of the small number of students in this course we had lots of time to practice our English. In addition to that Sheila is such a nice person, always helpful and trying to answer all our questions. She gave good recommendations for what is worth visiting and the canolli she recommended are surely the best all over Florence! Thank you Sheila for making my first trip to Florence such an unforgettable experience!  I enjoyed the Ferragamo Museum a lot, because after all the medieval excursions the days before it was nice to also see something more recent from Florentine history.  



"Sheila's course in CLIL introduced me to a methodology that has opened up a host of new possibilities for my teaching. I came away from the course not only with new skills and knowledge, but also with a long list of ideas that I'm excited to try out with my students - and several days after the course ended, I'm still adding to that list. I'm feeling very inspired and looking forward to integrating CLIL elements into my lessons. 

I would recommend the course even to those who have visited Florence before: as someone who has spent extensive time in Florence, I found I was learning new things about the city every day, thanks to Sheila's thoughtful choices of museums and sites to visit."



I really enjoyed Sheila's CLIL course and am glad to be among the first to take it. The inaugural course is always the most difficult because the material is so new, but Sheila made the topics fun and the excursions were an added bonus to authentic materials at play. I liked the variety in the Reading and Listening exercises: there was poetry, biography, art history, and even a play about the last members of the de Medici family. I also learned a lot about Florentine culture from the two walking tours that I went on during the week. Group work with the other classmates was filled with peer evaluations so we all got a chance to critique and get feedback from the other members in the class. I got a lot of good ideas about future activities and strategies for ESL students from Sheila, too. Pre-teaching vocabulary for an ultimately better understanding of reading materials and the "jigsaw" method were two things I especially appreciated because I love the feeling when a student understands and these make comprehension easier. I am glad I got these extra hours of credential. I am confident that it will make me more attractive to future employers and more credible in the minds of future students.

Course dates

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25 Hours (5 days)

Location: Florence

Price: € 350 + € 30 first day

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