“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”
(Michel Legrand)

Classroom Management

June 03-07

25 Hours (5 days)

per person /


Classroom Management

Tefl in Florence

Course Description

This course has been created for teachers who want to learn more about managing an effective and up to date classroom that encourages participation and engaged learning using the latest student centered techniques and classroom tools.

Teachers will learn more about managing a classroom through reflection, teacher observation, and case scenarios, which encourage discussion and resolution of the most common classroom problems. Through interactive and engaging activities participants will learn how to boost motivation, establish classroom rules, provide clear instructions, monitor, develop rapport, incorporate pair and group work, and gain tips for encouraging students to reflect on their own classroom behavior.

In addition, the course will include discussion on what exactly a Flipped Classroom is and how this new teaching ‬method can be put to use with the subject being taught. Finally, assessment and evaluation will be addressed along with the incorporation of student portfolios, rubrics, and presentation strategies.

By the end of the course, students will have gained greater insight into what makes a classroom run smoothly and what it takes to  “Flip” their own classrooms.  They will also become more familiar with Project and Task Based Learning and take away ideas for evaluating student learning and participation effectively.

Contact us for details and download the course schedule. This course is offered in collaboration with the Europass Teacher Academy in Florence, Italy.  To Enroll in the course fill out the online enrollment form.

This course has been developed for all practicing teachers.

Our Program

Classroom Management course location: 

Europass Teacher Academy

Via Sant' Egidio, 12 - 50122 Florence, Italy

Tel. +39 347 378 8169

Tel. +39 055 234 5802 

Accommodation is not provided and/or included in the course fees; however, a list of preferred accommodations near the course location can be given. 


Course Dates

From: 15 April 2019
to: 19 April 2019

From: 06 May 2019
to: 05 April 2019

From: 20 May 2019
to: 24 May 2019

From: 03 June 2019
to: 07 June 2019

From: 17 June 2019
to: 21 June 2019

From: 01 July 2019
to: 05 July 2019

From: 15 July 2019
to: 19 July 2019

From: 05 August 2019
to: 09 August 2019

From: 19 August 2019
to: 23 August 2019

From: 02 September 2019
to: 06 September 2019

From: 16 September 2019
to: 20 September 2019

From: 07 October 2019
to: 11 October 2019

From: 21 October 2019
to: 25 October 2019

From: 04 November 2019
to: 08 November 2019

From: 18 November 2019
to: 22 November 2019

From: 02 December 2019
to: 06 December 2019

From: 16 December 2019
to: 20 December 2019

Course Reviews



I think I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in this course and explain why: You were our teacher and you soon became able to create an empathic climate in the classroom that made it easy, for us, to establish a relationship of cooperation  among us. You have been creative, competent, enthusiastic, funny, practical and very challenging. You have managed the class group of European teachers (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian and Estonian) in a sublime way, we are so united that I have the feeling that I always know you all. We "pupils" have worked really in engaging  way; we have  used  those strategies that you have recommended to include in our teaching plan: work in pair, learning cooperative, flipped classrooms. Your lesson has always been a very dynamic, varied and rich of many  teaching/ learning  activities that required the use of different abilities, intelligence and skills.  We have been able to know the different "worlds" of European  school  and the different  ways to operate by our  European colleagues, to make our way of working and to compare everything with them. The material provided during and at the end of  the course has been very clear, practical and usable for us with  our pupils. I hope that in the future I will have  the opportunity to participate  a new course with you. It would be really beautiful. Sorry for my English. 



The course has been a great experience for me. The possibility of knowing teachers from different countries and contact with different realities and practices was very enriching.  Regarding the course, I liked it very much, specially the wide range of interest and meaningful topics, and the interactive and engaging activities. Although I teach rather different subjects, I was able to take some ideas that surely I will apply with my students next year.  The only suggestion I can give is that perhaps the countries presentations could be smaller, but I agree that everybody was curious about the educational systems of the different countries and the discussions have been very interesting. Finally, I would like to thank you for being so kind, friendly, accessible, enthusiastic and caring, all characteristics of an excellent teacher.  Thank you so much. I hope I see you again some day.



Thank you so much for all of it! You made me think about a few things and I am really happy I had you as the teacher. One thing was the importance of handouts and in connection with this when we give them and of course clear instructions. Enjoy you summer and keep teaching as it suits you and you are really good at it!   Thank you again and as they say in Berlin, 'It happened once and it can happen again!' I would like to take another course and then in Florence!



The best part of the course has been the methodology we have used to work: work in peers, on small groups, participating in debates... For me the experience was really positive because of the contact with all the teachers of other countries and different schools. Thank you!!



Thank you very much because we've had a professional, open-minded, well organized, and  involving teacher who has increased our own motivation and self-consciousness. Every lesson was well planned and involving. Time really flew thanks to the different methodologies and strategies used. See you soon!




Your course was really a fantastic experience both professionally and in human terms. I'm going to fix all the material, that you gave us, in a powerpoint. I will present the work to my colleagues at school. Perhaps someone will feel like doing the same experience.  Thanks for your time, expertise and sympathy. 

Course dates

Course details

25 Hours (5 days)

Location: Florence

Price: € 350

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