English Teaching Certificates in Florence or online

Get Certified to Teach English with us! Any of the following TEFL or TESOL certificates will qualify you for teaching English in private language schools in Italy or anywhere else in the world. Click on any of the links below to find out more about each option:

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“As a person with no prior teaching experience, I was fearful of not being taught matters that cover the entire spectrum of the teaching realm, thus leaving me unable to teach properly. By the end of the course I can honestly say Sheila did not 'leave one stone unturned,' ranging from local proverbs to best teaching practices, from cultural issues to seating arrangements. While teaching, she was also putting to practice what she professed in terms of eye contact, group formation, and teaching styles. I highly recommend this course to any person who is planning to enter the industry, and also to teachers of any level who are struggling to get the best output of their students. - Alberto”
-Weekend TEFL in Florence Graduate

“What quick responses and helpful feedback! Thank you for sticking with me through the process. I know there was a big gap for me there in the middle of the course, but I am glad that I finally completed it! - Sara”
-Online TEFL/TESOL Graduate