English Teaching Certificates in Florence or online

Get Certified to Teach English with us! Any of the following TEFL or TESOL certificates will qualify you for teaching English in private language schools in Italy or anywhere else in the world. Click on any of the links below to find out more about each option:

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“Fabulous experience!!! A dense program at the right pace, Sheila always keeping attention and enthusiasm high and quickly got ten perfect strangers to become a team. I could even manage to overcome my public speaking unesiness!!! Thanks a lot!!! You'll hear from me soon, Sheila, no doubt! Paola”
-Weekend TEFL in Florence Graduate

“Sheila was great! She responded quickly to my assignments and she always had very interesting ideas that made me see another solution to the situation. I could tell she really takes an interest in what she does and she didn't just correct my papers, but gave me helpful advice and very interesting ideas which were much appreciated. Thank you for responding so quickly to my assignments and correcting them with fairness. Thank you for your patience and all the time you spent in correcting my work! Thank you! - Gustavo ”
-Online TEFL/TESOL Graduate