English Teaching Certificates in Florence or online

Get Certified to Teach English with us! Any of the following TEFL or TESOL certificates will qualify you for teaching English in private language schools in Italy or anywhere else in the world. Click on any of the links below to find out more about each option:

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“I would highly recommend this course to both aspiring teachers and also to those who are already teaching English as a foreign language. You are knowledgable and experienced and most importantly you impart knowledge in a way that enables those following in your wake. In addition to benefitting from good course content and excellent teaching there is the opportunity to share with and learn from a relevant peer group. The whole package simply works. And lets not underestimate effect of the venue! Florence! Amazing. - Carole”
-Weekend TEFL in Florence Graduate

“I felt to have a good feeling with Sheila from the start because we have in common the fact that we're both American and we both live and teach English to Italian students. Besides this, she is very professional and all her comments have been good suggestions to how to improve my lessons. I thank you very much for all your help and support during my assignments. It has been a great pleasure to have you as my teacher trainer. - Salvatrice”
-Online TEFL/TESOL Graduate